Empowering real estate success

Property Analysis, Brokerage Services, and Financing solutions tailored to your needs by Key Bridge.

Property Analysis

Key Bridge analysts offer comprehensive property evaluations beyond appraisals and comps. We provide insights into market trends, local compliance, environmental concerns, and maintenance issues, ensuring informed financial decisions. Our in-depth assessments give clients a clear understanding of a property's value and potential challenges before making any financial commitments.

Brokerage Services

With over 20 years as licensed Real Estate brokers, Key Bridge principals possess extensive experience in diverse property types, including Multifamily, Industrial, Hotel, Single-Family Residential (SFR), and Office properties. Our seasoned expertise enables us to serve clients across various real estate sectors with confidence and proficiency.


Understanding the complexities of modern financing, Key Bridge draws from over 30 years of lending expertise to assist clients in obtaining competitive financing solutions. Specializing in Commercial, Construction, Bridge, and Permanent loans, we provide customized guidance to navigate the intricacies of the lending process and secure optimal financing arrangements.

Private Money Loans

Unlocking access to private money loans, Key Bridge Capital offers tailored financing solutions to meet diverse needs. With flexible terms and swift approvals, our private money loans cater to various real estate projects, providing the capital necessary for investment, development, or refinancing. Experience streamlined financing with Key Bridge Capital today.